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Granol'therm Traditional Dash



Traditional Dash Finishes



Why choose Granol'therm Traditional Dash System


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Granol'therm Traditional Dash


Traditional Dash Finishes


Granol’therm Traditional Dash provides a wide range of mineral dry dash finishes with a natural rough cast appearance.

Dry Dash finishes are readily available in a range of plaster carrier colours & natural stone aggregates giving your building a warm traditional look and feel.

Granol’therm Tradition Dash is tailored for use in wet climates, combines high breathability, durability and impact.








  • 100% natural product
  • Traditional rough cast appearance
  • Thick-layer/no primer necessary
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Very high durability
  • For new construction as well as renovation




  • Thickness: up to 20cm
  • Density of insulation board: 15kg/m3
  • Lambda value of insulation board:
    0,038 W/mK (EPS white)
    0,032 W/mK (EPS grey)
  • Fire class: B-s2,d0





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